• THE INS, THE OUTS, THE WHAT HAVE YOUS Two Arms Inc. is a ( soon to be husband and wife team ) founded by Mike Tabie and Karen Goheen in 2009. We met 6 years ago in Orlando, FL while working with a local design agency and screen-printing together on nights and weekends. We independently moved to New York but continued to work separately within large and small design agencies. After a year we decided to take the plunge and partner together and start a business with our own vision in mind. There is nothing more satisfying then working with someone you love and trust. We love collaborating and getting our hands dirty. We are specialists of the handmade. We believe in craftsmanship, an attention to detail, and that sweet spot between concept and execution. We started this business because we care about what we do, and we want to work with clients who are passionate about their vision.

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    We're Here to make you look good. We love the opportunity to work on the larger scope. We get down into the nitty gritty and will collaborate with you to create a clear vision for your brands Identity across all platforms and collateral.
  • Brand Creation
  • Logo Development
  • Naming
  • Strategy
  • Collateral
  • Illustration
    We love to create illustrations, lettering, and custom typography that is crafted specifically for our client's needs. This is our chance to get off the computer, grab some tools and make a mess. Craftsmanship is our secret weapon.
  • Editorial
  • Custom Typography
  • Hand Lettering
  • Apparel
  • Everything in between
  • Print
    Printing is in our hearts. There is nothing more satisfying than making something that you can hold in your hands. We can help you create something physical and beautiful. We even offer in-house screen-printing as an option for our clients.
  • Production
  • Posters
  • Apparel
  • Packaging
  • Publications
  • Business Cards
  • Digital
    The final frontier. We know how to make it look good and functional. We love the chance to apply our print sensibility to interactive and web design. We have a great team of developers and are happy to work with you on your next digital project.
  • Web Design
  • Interactive
  • Motion
  • E-Commerce
  • Applications

  • Mike Tabie

    Designer, Illustrator, Creative Director

    Owner and co-founder of Two Arms Inc. Mike graduated from the University of Florida with a BFA in Graphic Design, and a minor in Print Making. The Pixel-Pushing, Ink-Slinging, Professional. Mike has a strong passion for illustration and hand-lettering. He loves getting his hands dirty, and is usually the one obsessing over the details. In his off-time Mike loves collecting vintage bric-a-brac. He's usually throwing the ball around with his dog Lemmy, or with his friends playing bar games, a cold beer in hand.

    Karen Goheen

    Designer, Developer, Creative Director

    Owner and co-founder of Two Arms Inc. Karen graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing. Karen grew up next to the ocean and never misses an opportunity for a trip to the beach. She is all about functionality and making it work. Karen is a quick study and is the one who is constantly pushing Two Arms Inc to be better. She loves donuts, flea markets and seasonal drinks. You can always find Karen researching and planning something new.

    Client List

  • MoMA
  • Maxim Magazine
  • Fonts.com
  • Conde Nast
  • Jack Daniels
  • Jameson
  • ESPN Magazine
  • Evian
  • Rachel Ray
  • Time Out New York
  • Boston Magazine
  • Harper Collins